About Us

Family Owned Mexican FINE CUISINE

Since 2009 The Ehmcke Family has had the pleasure of entertaining many Temecula locals and Tourists with some of their favorite Classic Steak and Seafood dishes. It’s been an honor for this family to be a part of many special occasions and are excited for what’s ahead. Now with the opening of Rene’s Cowgirl Cantina, Rene gets a chance to take her love for Comfort Foods and Spice in a new direction, and what’s more comforting than Mexican Cuisine? Of course Rene’ puts her own spin on some traditional favorites the way she has for the past 8 years as she creates the seasonal menus at The Gambling Cowboy. From “Old School” Tacos, the ones mom used to make on Taco Night, to the Chicken Suiza Pie, straight from her grandmother’s recipe book. Rene’s Cowgirl Creations are made with fresh quality ingredients like the “Surfin Cowboy ” a taco of garlic shrimp and hand- cut Carne Asada to a Chili Verde made with Tender pork and a medley of Mexican Chilies. Her culinary training comes straight from her heart and years of getting to do what she loves most, which is to make people happy with just good food. For Rene’ the secret ingredient is always love.

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